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Monrovia international law attorneys serving clients worldwide

Regardless of your global requirements, we are well-positioned to help you complete transactions in any country. With an extensive network of business and legal contacts around the world, our attorneys have the resources to help your business achieve its goals. We represent businesses and individuals in partnership law, business litigation, estate planning, probate and probate litigation.

Helping clients resolve legal issues through ethical representation

We are guided by the principles of honesty and integrity. We counsel our clients on ethical methods of achieving their legal goals and attempts to settle conflicts in ways that bring honor and dignity to the legal profession. We strive for prompt resolutions through negotiation, settlement, arbitration or mediation, when at all possible. However, we are always ready to litigate aggressively during a trial, when it is in the client’s best interests.

If your company needs to execute an international business transaction or has encountered problems in an international commercial matter, you need an experienced lawyer to help you resolve your legal issues. In addition to the potential language barrier, the laws of a foreign country can provide significantly different protections for business transactions than your own country’s laws do. Perhaps most importantly, you want matters resolved in a professional way, so as to avoid damaging your access to foreign markets in the future.

Comprehensive legal services for companies in the global market

Contact us to learn more about the firm’s international legal services, including:

  • Advising clients on matters related to sovereign governments
  • Counsel for international commerce and estate matters
  • Foreign investment services
  • Foreign contract disputes
  • International business arbitration (serving as counsel or as an arbitrator)

In addition to our international business law practice, we also help individuals who face international issues in estate planning and probate litigation.

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